jueves, 9 de marzo de 2006

True False Faith

False Religion
Never use a rubber or you'll burn in hell
Says the holy man and he must know it well
Everything's forbidden that you might enjoy
Never touch yourself or you must apologize
Don't you think it's wrong?
The altar waits for another sacrifice
What is it now virginity has got it's price
I have a vision of my life
But in your eyes I’m living ion sin
All my life
It’s your false religion, controlling your mind
It’s your false religion, blinding your heart
Father forgive them, they know what they’re doing
Persisting in yesterdays lies
They don’t know what’s really happening
Have no slightest idea
And they’re praying all day for remission
But they'll never forgive all your sins
No chance for a sinner
You promise heaven will one day return
But in the meantime shall I sit and wait?
Just tomorrow, you're great in promises
But I'm afraid tomorrow’s much too late

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