sábado, 24 de febrero de 2007

Have you ever ...

have a different kind Of pain...
You ever have one of those days you wish to could live all over again?
Well, I have, I have all the time. Most all of my closer friend just don't get it.
And actually, I don't blame them cause I do positive know why they don't just to.
Because it's not possible.
Each one of us, have to live their own pain, or path, in life meaning it's the same by the way.

Tonight for example I had a feeling, odd indeed, but somehow I perfectly knew I shouldn't go to that place... not because for the place, but instead for the feeling.
And I was right, I found some of my old U partner, of course he finished and of course I didnt, but we all know that. What hurts me the most was the knowing I could get my chances and somehow ( some annoy friend would say "Stop crying about what "could be", focus on what "would be"... yada yada yada ) and somehow...
It's Ok, someday I'll get it over it. I don't know, but I wish.

No one but me can help me, and if I don't do it, just let me die in peace.

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